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Mattress Depot

We are a full scale mattress and furniture Gallery! At Mattress Depot we strive to fully satisfy all your bedding and furniture needs by providing quality products at the lowest possible price. We buy all our mattresses and furniture at below wholesale prices straight from the mattress and furniture manufacture, which enables us to sell our mattresses and furniture at a price you can’t beat!

Here at Mattress Depot we strive to create a quality service and customer experience that you will remember. Our main goal in the mattress and furniture industry is to provide you (THE CUSTOMER) with satisfaction.

We do this by making sure your needs are met with each purchase and visit to our store.

Mattress Depot is located near the warehouse district of downtown Minneapolis and very close to St. Paul and University of Minnesota, U of M. We are proud to be a local distributor of King Koil Sleep Products. The Bedding Group, Inc. has become the Midwest’s premiere manufacturer of bedding products as a licensee of King Koil brands. The Bedding Group operates bedding manufacturing facilities in Minneapolis, Minnesota. King Koil - Endorsed by the ICA International Chiropractic Association are owned and operated by the same founding owners The Bedding Group.

Furniture stores

Are you looking for more value? Or maybe you want a little more traditional or contemporary? Either way when it comes to home furniture there are many different styles you can choose from all of which can be combined to make the perfect collaboration. When picking the furniture that you are about to place inside your home you need to understand that furniture is a piece by piece process.

Across the world you will find many furniture stores that offer discount furniture as well as high priced luxury furniture. Knowing what works for you and your home is vital to understanding what furniture you need to buy. Do you want something with very bold colors or do you want something with natural tones and accents? These are just a couple of the questions that people need to ask themselves before buying furniture.

In order to get the most out of your modern contemporary or traditional furniture you need to address all rooms. The most important part of the home is or coarse the living room, so it makes sense to start there and move around. A trick to get the most out of modern contemporary or traditional furniture is to buy in sets and mix and match the different styles together.

Keep in mind that modern contemporary and traditional furniture is more than just a style, it is a way of living and every piece has a purpose. To create a relaxing yet inviting atmosphere you need to keep in mind that everything from the dining furniture to the sofas must all flow together.

Your Discount Furniture Store

The sole mission of Mattress Depot and Discount Furniture as a furniture warehouse is to be your personal thrift-store, trusted and reliable guide and companion in finding and buying quality yet affordable modern and traditional furniture. If that is what you are looking for you are in the right place. And we stand ready to extend our hand to you to walk you confidently through ever-changing world of styles and design. In doing so we do not intend to furnish you with arguments why we are the best. We believe more in power of deeds rather than in power of words letting the former to speak for itself. We have traditional and modern furniture for every taste and budget depending on your goals and intentions.

The range of variety we offer is in fact limitless. Therefore we invite you to come, visit and explore and pass your own judgment. We have ambitions to match the demands of your lifestyle - whether you are through long hours of hectic, urbanite life before you come home or immersed daily in a calmer, slow-paced suburban environment. You still want your furniture to reflect your living style and identity. We have perfect understanding that you are looking for home furniture that shows your fashion flare and good taste, the one you can be proud to own and comfortable living with. There are many ways to go: if you have a penchant for modern style, you may opt for stunning and elegant pieces or sets of modern bedroom or dining room furniture; if you lean towards a classic feel, you may go with the classic furniture selections such as traditional bedroom, traditional dining room and traditional living room furniture.

Quality, style, selection and problem-free, professional delivery service are main cornerstones of our working culture bound to make every your visit to our store an enjoyable, memorable experience. Above all we are confident that the furniture you purchased from us will please your family and visitors alike. It is worth being a proud, confident host as guests come to see your home decor has all that you expected. Therefore cease the moment. Visit the website or call us to have new furniture delivered to your doorstep. Do not miss the chance. Team up with us in making your personal world better.