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King Koil Product | Cozy Escape Plush

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King Koil is the only mattress manufacturer endorsed by the ICA.

King Koil continues to work with the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) to balance our ideas and design concepts with focused medical applications in supporting the spinal column sufficiently for people of all sizes.

The ICA is the world's oldest international chiropractic professional organization, representing nearly 8,000 practitioners, students, chiropractic assistants, educators and lay-people worldwide dedicated to the growth and development of the chiropractic profession based on its fundamental principles and philosophy.

The ICA has a long and distinguished history. It was established in 1926 in Davenport, Iowa, in the United States by Dr. B. J. Palmer, who served as ICA president until his death in 1961. Since then, other leaders have emerged to carry ICA and the profession forward, but always remain true to the principles and philosophy on which it was founded, fighting to preserve its unique identity as a separate, distinct and drugless health care profession.

Contour Luxury Plus EC (Encased Coil)
Independent encased coil design reduces sleep partner motion disturbance.

Visco Plus
Provides superior conformance to your body shape, reducing pressure points and tossing and turning.

Super Soft Extended Comfort Life Technology (ECT) Waves
Super soft comfort of distinct wave patterns provide continuous airflow to reduce motion disturbance.

Excellent Edge
Provides greater stability, a firm seating edge and 10% more usable sleeping surface.

Enhanced Ultra Soft Perfect5 Contour Foam
5-zones of super soft conforming support to help reduce motion disturbance.